MSIG x PARIMA for IWD: Celebrating Women in Sports

Featuring: Misato Michishita, MSI Japan

8 March 2023

We believe that building an inclusive company is vital to building resilience. On International Women’s Day 2023, we were proud to have partnered with PARIMA to throw a spotlight on women in sports for their resilience and dedication. We had the opportunity to speak Misato Michishita, a para athlete colleague from our Head Office. The interview is part of our employee recognition series “Celebrating Our People”.

The marathon runner lost her sight in one eye completely during her teens. In her twenties, she lost partial sight in her other eye. Today, she is a marathon gold medalist at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Paralympics. At a petite height of just 1.44m, she is also the women's marathon T12 world recorder holder at 2:54:13.  

During the interview, she shared her personal story of success, her persistence in seeing the positive side of things, and how important it is to tap on her network of friends, colleagues and loved ones to support her throughout her journey. More about the inspiring para athlete in this video: