Employee engagement in sustainability

27 August 2021

Rebecca Ang Lee

In a podcast series focused on the topic of sustainability, MSIG Asia’s Chief Marketing Officer and Sustainability Lead, Rebecca Ang Lee, was invited to talk about the importance of employee engagement in achieving corporate sustainability goals. During the interview, she also shared her experience and learnings in galvanising employees across rank and file around a common vision, as well as her candid thoughts on sustainability.

Verbatim excerpts from the podcast:

“We are on a great and purposeful journey, where we are building a collective voice for a sustainable planet. On this journey, we see the need to first begin with ourselves, meaning our employees who are our greatest asset.

The challenge is in getting our employees engaged and onboard this journey before we even do anything externally.

Sustainability as a topic in this region has really accelerated in the last year or so which is great. But this was not the case two to three years ago when we first started the work in Asia where revenue growth, profitability, and customer retention have been the only priorities for businesses. So it was difficult for people to see how they are impacting the climate and the society. They do not see their role in protecting the planet and the importance of biodiversity.

Access the podcast here to find out more.