MSIG promotes safer and smarter driving across ASEAN and Hong Kong with the release of My Safe Drive smartphone application

3 December 2014

App targets some of the fast-growing passenger car markets in the region.

My Safe Drive

Singapore, (3 December, 2014) –- MSIG Holdings (Asia) Pte. Ltd. (“MSIG Holdings (Asia)”), a member of the MS&AD Insurance Group, the leading general insurer in Asia, today released an innovative new smartphone application. Called “My Safe DriveTM”, the App aims to promote safer and smarter driving across ASEAN and Hong Kong and will be released progressively throughout the region. The launch has been fueled by rising affluence among consumers and an expected increase in passenger car purchases, raising the need for better road safety. 

The My Safe DriveTM smartphone App improves driving in real time through the power of augmented reality utilising the smartphone’s built-in camera, global positioning system (GPS) and smart software. The App is based on collaboration between MSIG and iOnRoad Ltd., the developers behind the award-winning iOnRoadTM augmented reality driving App. MSIG My Safe DriveTM is available in multiple languages making it user-friendly and convenient for local drivers. 

Mr. Alan Wilson, Regional CEO of MSIG Holdings (Asia) said, “The release of the My Safe DriveTM App underscores MSIG’s long-standing commitment to helping make roads safer across the region. This new App enables drivers to make their own contribution to promoting safer driving and has the potential to help reduce accident risks for road users.” 

Mr. Mike Gourlay, Executive Vice President (Business Development) of MSIG Holdings (Asia) said, “Drivers today are easily distracted with the increased amount of traffic on roads. Instead of having to deal with multiple devices, the MSIG My Safe DriveTM App combines all the latest driving assistance tools such as advanced collision warning, lane departure alerts and more in one convenient smartphone application. 

“With its ability to warn drivers of possible collisions, the App acts like an extra pair of eyes for drivers and is an invaluable tool especially when drivers happen to lose their concentration momentarily.”

My Safe DriveTM Smartphone App

Drivers simply mount their smartphone loaded with the My Safe DriveTM App on a standard windscreen mount/cradle, and it detects a vehicle in front of the car through the smartphone’s built-in camera, GPS and smart software. The App provides a variety of features and benefits that can detect the traffic ahead. It also monitors headway distance to the vehicle in front and produces an audio-visual alert to warn of a possible collision by highlighting to the driver to keep a safe distance and avoid tail-gating.

In addition, the lane departure alert warns a driver that the vehicle is at risk of leaving the road by indicating that the car has crossed the continuous white line at the edge of the road. The App also produces an audio alert to remind the driver to keep within the set speed limit.

Key features and benefits of the My Safe DriveTM App include:

  1. Companion for a Safer Drive
    • Monitors headway distance with ongoing feedback and real-time audio-visual alerts of a potential collision
    • Gives lane departure warnings when the car has crossed the edge of the road and is at risk of leaving the road
    • Gives speed alerts when the vehicle is over the set speed limit
  2. Drive analysis for a Smarter Drive
    • Assesses and analyses the driving scores and fuel economy score on the website’s dashboard by logging in with a Facebook or Google account. Reviews the travel route and screenshot images of warnings of near collisions and lane departure warnings as a safety reminder to drivers
  3. Convenience
    • Using GPS, the App locates where the car is parked and identifies its current location so the car can be easily found
    • Activate Navigation maps (e.g. Google Map or Apple Map) in the smartphone together with My Safe DriveTM for a safe drive and a smooth trip to the destination
    • Easily takes a snapshot and a recording of the headway scene in front of the car
  4. User-friendly for All
    • Multiple language support in English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese to ensure easy understanding of My Safe DriveTM

To understand how MSIG My Safe DriveTM promotes safer and smarter driving, please refer to the video at

My Safe DriveTM App is available for download from 3 December 2014 across the region for all iOS and Android devices. Each download will cost USD 4.99.

For more information, please contact the MSIG Asia communications team.