MSIG Asia celebrates the opening of its revamped office with sustainability as a focus in its design

To commemorate the new workspace, MSIG Asia has purchased a full collection of fine art prints in support of biodiversity conservation efforts

15 July 2022
MSIG Asia celebrates the opening group photo



MSIG Asia Pte Ltd celebrated the opening of its revamped office yesterday with all its employees gathering back to the workplace to mark iteds inauguration with traditional Japanese Taiko drumming, in line with the brand’s Japanese lineage. Spanning two floors, the 1,670 sqm workspace features a work café, nursing room, IT helpdesk workstation and three times more collaboration spaces compared to the previous office.

Designed with sustainability as a focus and adopting an open concept, the new layout is set to maximise natural daylight and to make the office interior look more expansive. On top of that, motion sensor lights are installed for energy efficiency and only Energy Star certified appliances are spotted in the office. Finishes such as paints, laminates, wallpapers, floor vinyls and acoustic panels are all eco-certified by Singapore Environment Council. Overall, as much as approximately 80% of the office were reused or repurposed to reduce wastage.

office entrance

office entrance office interior

Having been working from home for most employees since the pandemic outbreak, the opening event was the first physical gathering for everyone at MSIG Asia for over two years. Camaraderie filled the air as employees tried Taiko drumming together and participated in Japanese calligraphy, upcycling workshops such as coconut husk planting and coffee cup holder making, and more.

To commemorate its new workspace, MSIG Asia has also purchased a series of 12 limited edition fine art prints featuring the beauty of Mother Nature, with 100% of the proceeds going to the insurer’s partner and biodiversity environmental non-profit organisation, Conservation International. Commissioned by Rosenstiels, one of the world’s leading publishers of fine art prints, the series is created with the aim to spread awareness of the environmental threats and what the community can do to help. MSIG Asia is the first in the world to own the full collection and exhibit it in a single space.

“As an insurer committed to the development of a sound future of the planet, we are proud to have a workspace that is not only friendly to the environment, but also one that showcases and supports the work of like-minded partners and individuals,” says Clemens Philippi, CEO of MSIG Asia. He adds: “To create a greater impact towards positive change, partnerships are a crucial element, and this has proven to be true for MSIG.”

Three years ago, MSIG Asia began its sustainability journey, collaborating with partners to help drive change and impact in the respective local markets in the region. These initiatives include biodiversity education among employees and local communities, supporting reforestation to marine research and conservation through Conservational International Asia-Pacific, creating a bespoke fire insurance product targeted at social enterprises to build safer homes for the marginalised communities, launching pay-as-you-drive insurance to encourage responsible driving behaviour, and more.