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  MSIG. Insurance that sees the heart in everything        

Customers want to be more than just a policy number. They want an insurer that listens attentively, responds efficiently and acts proactively, making insurance a little easier to understand and inspiring confidence for them to be more and do more.

At MSIG, although we have been one of Asia’s leading insurers for more than 100 years, our values are far deeper. We understand that the objects we insure are more than just things. They are what our customers created, possessed and loved. These objects are a culmination of dreams and years of hard work. That’s why we believe our work is meaningful and we go above and beyond in protecting all the things our customers hold dear.

We are committed to putting our customers’ needs first, because we value what they value. So every time a customer needs us, we go out of our way to look after them as quickly and carefully as humanly possible.

Watch our brand campaign TVC to see the heart in all you dear.


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